One Word: Tagine!

What is the one thing we all look forward to when traveling? FOOD!! And Morocco was no exception to that.

I have never travelled to a country that had so many food options that I actually loved until I visited Morocco. One of my favorite foods is lamb and lucky for me, lamb is a staple in most Moroccan cuisine. Many dishes are cooked in a clay pot called a tagine which helps slow cook the meat and veggies resulting in some amazing dishes!

My favorite dinner during my stay in Morocco was actually in the Middle of the Moroccan Sahara Desert (I will tell you more about that in a future post). We had a lamb tagine for me and an eggplant parmesan tagine for my friend who is a vegetarian. The food can be eaten either with utensils – or more traditionally – with Moroccan bread. It was absolutely amazing! We also tried a very unique dish of noodles sprinkled with cinnamon and topped off with a a spoonful of sugar. Although we were a bit unsure at first, the mix actually tasted pretty good! Traveling is all about taking food risks right!?

For breakfast, most establishments will serve tea, coffee, freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice, and water for drinks. Then you will get a platter of pastries, breads, crepes, jam, cheese, butter, nutella, and fresh fruit. It definitely can feel like a lot of food but don’t feel pressured to finish it all! Nothing is wasted in Morocco – especially not food. The employees of restaurants usually use leftovers to feed stray cats/dogs in the area or just eat it themselves depending on what it is.

Here are some photos of my breakfasts and dinners! I would have more but I was usually so hungry to eat, I’d forget the picture! 😀

Breakfast in MerzougaBreakfast in Merzouga, Morocco.

Breakfast in SaharaBreakfast spread in the Sahara Desert.

Breakfast in FewBreakfast in Fes, Morocco.

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