A Luxurious Night in the Sahara Desert

Have you ever been anywhere that was actually silent? Some of us like to escape the busy cities we live in for “peace & quiet” and usually escape to “nature”. If you’re in NYC, you go upstate. If you’re in LA, you go to Big Bear. While it’s still much quieter than the city, there’s still plenty of animals going about their day and making noises, or trees whose leaves rustle when the wind blows. But where can you go, that is truly silent? The Sahara Desert!That’s right! The desert was the quietest place I have every been to in my life. There were no birds flying about. The camels weren’t next to my camp so I didn’t hear them. The only sounds I heard were from the drums we played by the fire.

Welcome to Desert Luxury Camp!

Getting There
After an 8 -12 hour drive from the nearest big city in Morocco, you reach Merzouga, a small village close to the Algerian Border. This is where a driver from Desert Luxury Camps will pick you up to take you to the camp.The camp itself is about a 25-30 minute drive deep into the Sahara from the village. You will be driving through the desert in a 4×4 SUV over small dunes and through areas filled with rocks and fossils from prehistoric times. This drive is perfect for an adrenaline junkie – especially if your driver was as cool as ours! During the drive to where we would meet the camels, we stopped to search for fossils. Our driver and I found a huge turtle fossil (pictured below), and he was nice enough to let me be the one to keep it. I also found three smaller fossils which I brought back for my friends.

Camel Trekking
Once we arrive at the camel’s tent, we got out of the SUV and met our camel shepherd/guide and the two camels reserved for us. This was my first time on a camel and it was absolutely amazing! First of all, camels are just so cute! But second of all, they are so gentle and really easy to ride. You just have to be flexible with your body and move when they move. It’s kind of like riding on the back of a motorcycle. From here we rode the camels to the campsite. Unlike when we were in the SUV, these camels took us through some pretty high sand dunes which gave really amazing views of the horizon and land around us.Welcome Drinks & Snacks
When we arrived at the site, we were greeted by Omar who was such an amazing host! He showed us to our tents and gave us fresh lime juice and snacks! The sun was starting to set so we climbed up to the highest dune right next to the camp and took a ton of pictures of course! 😀 The camp has a bunch of different activities you can do like sand boarding and other games. They also have hammocks and plenty of lounge areas where you can sit, tan, read, write or just chat with your friends or the employees.The Tents
After the little photoshoot, we came back down ready to eat dinner. But before dinner, I wanted to freshen up a bit in my tent. I was so amazed at how beautifully the interior of the tents were decorated. It really felt like you were “home”. It had a fully functioning bathroom and shower with towels, robes and other amenities you’d need. There were pretty lamps all around. I definitely didn’t expect to have working electricity and plumbing in the middle of the Sahara so this was super cool. There was a huge king sized bed with plenty of pillows and blankets. Heated blankets were also provided which I didn’t need in June – but I am sure would come in handy during the winter nights.Dinner
Omar had a beautiful table set for us to have our dinner under the full moon. The rest of the crew lit a row of candles up and down the walkway and around the tents which really made for a beautiful setting. I can only imagine how romantic it would be if you travelled here with your significant other. The food they made for us was so delicious I could have eaten it for every meal. Omar brought out lamb tagine, vegetables tagine (for my vegetarian friend), non-alcoholic drinks, and other sides. Also, I am pretty sure if you travelled here alone, you’d still have a great time just because of how friendly and hospitable the staff are. I easily felt like I was with family.Party Time!
After dinner, the camp built a fire where we hung out and played music and danced. It was just amazing to be under the stars with such great people and simply enjoying life. I felt so humbled and calm here. I played the drums with one of the guys too! They passed around plenty of Moroccan mint tea and if you weren’t tired, you can probably hang out all night.Morning
We were on a very tight schedule and unfortunately couldn’t spend more than 1 night here. But we made the most of the time we did have. Omar set out a delicious spread super early that morning for us to eat for breakfast before we caught our 7:30am bus to Marrakech. Some of the guys (Hassan and Sayed) came out to say goodbye as well as Aziz, who is one of the owners of the camp. I can’t express enough the high level of hospitality you will experience here. These guys went out of their way to accommodate our time constraints and I am so grateful for that!Being in the Sahara Desert was the most relaxing part of my trip and I wish I spent a few more days just to be with my thoughts and wander around a bit. I definitely recommend a minimum of two nights stay if you are thinking about coming here! Thanks to Desert Luxury Camps, they made my evening & night in the desert one that I will never forget. I can’t wait to come back! ❤

5 thoughts on “A Luxurious Night in the Sahara Desert

    1. It was so amazing! Yea there are a bunch of little desert camps all around Morocco’s Sahara but this one is the biggest and located closest to the biggest dunes! It was surprisingly not so hot in the evening. We got there around 6:30PM. What surprised me the most was that the sand wasn’t hot to step on barefoot at all! Nothing like walking around Santa Monica beach or Jones Beach during the middle of the summer.


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